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Please find below the latest Curriculum Content letters.

Y6 – Curriculum Content Letter – Autumn 2017

Y6 – Curriculum Content Letter – Spring 2018

Y6 – Curriculum Content Letter – Summer 2018


Homework 2017-18

26.1.18 web

19.1.18 web

8.12.17 web

24.11.17 web

17.11.17 web

Homework 10th November 2017

Homework 15th September

Homework Friday 8th September

Homework 2016-17

1.1 Y6 Homework – wk 2 – 16.09.16 sentence building

1.1 Y6 Homework – wk 3 – 23.09.16 Plurals, statutory spelling sentences and MyMaths

1.1 Y6 Homework – wk 5 – 07.10.16 – My Maths and Spellings

1.1 Y6 Homework – wk 6 – 14.10.16 Abstract Noun Venn Diagram and Division 

1.2 Y6-Homework – wk 1 – 04.11.16 My Maths active and passive and reading

1.2 Y6 Homework – wk2-11.11.16

1.2 Y6 Homework – wk3 18.11.16 cious and tious spellings and angles My Maths

1.2 wk 4 – 25.11.16 Song words and MyMaths

1.2 wk 4 – 25.11.16 Worldwide Christmas message

1.2 wk 4 – 25.11.16 The King of Us All

1.2 wk 4 – 25.11.16 The Gift

1.2 wk 4 – 25.11.16 Sing a Song of Christmas

1.2 wk 5 – 02.12.16

2.1 wk 1 – 06.01.17 Spellings and Sand of Time

2.1 wk 2 – Spelling Games Sheet 06.01.17

2.1 wk 3 – 20.01.17 My Maths and Bug Club

2.1 wk 4 – 27.01.17 Rollercoaster Game and Reading

2.1 wk 5 – 03.02.17

2.1 wk 6 – 10.02.17 My Maths Reading and Tenses

2.2 wk 3 – 17.03.17 maths Qs and SPAG -pronouns and determiners

2.2 wk 5 – 31.03.17 prefixes, reading and My Maths

2.2 Wk 5 – T2-E-149-Antonyms-with-Prefix-Loop-Cards_ver_1

3.1 wk 1 maths and SPAG


Sats Information 2016

Y6 – Parents Meeting re SATs – Autumn 2016

Website links to new 2016 example SATS papers as per meeting 15/09/15





Parents Evening – Information from meeting 15/09/15

Y6 Parents’ Evening

Hawkshead – Information from meeting 15/09/15

Y6 Hawkshead 2016


SATS 2016 more information

Below are sample questions, mark schemes and commentary for 2016 assessments.

The new national curriculum will be assessed for the first time in May 2016. This set of sample materials is being published to give teachers an indication of how the new curriculum will be assessed. The materials presented here primarily focus on new areas of the curriculum and how questions assessing those areas might appear.

The examples in this document have not been through the rigorous development process that live tests go through. We will decide on final question formats once we have data from trialling the test materials. This means that some of the question types may not appear in the live tests. We will publish complete sample tests in 2015 that will reflect our findings and will be indicative of the final live tests.

These materials have been reviewed by teachers and their comments have been taken into account.

As the questions have not been trialled in schools, the mark schemes do not consider the full range of acceptable responses or include example pupil responses. They only give a basic indication of the types of response that would be credited.

The questions in the English grammar, punctuation and spelling, mathematics and science tests will appear in order of difficulty, where possible. In English reading, the texts appear in order of difficulty. In these sample materials, the texts and questions are not necessarily in order of difficulty, nor do they reflect the range of question difficulties that will appear in the final tests.

Test frameworks that illustrate the test model, content domain and performance descriptors for the 2016 national curriculum tests are on GOV.UK at www.gov.uk/sta. Please note that these sample materials are not designed to match the frameworks in terms of ratios of question/item type or coverage. They do not form complete tests as described by the test frameworks and are, therefore, not sample tests.

We recommend that these materials are not used for assessment purposes.