Transition to Secondary School

                                          Parents Guide to Transition to Secondary School

For families of year 6s, the summer holidays can seem like a long run-up to that great mountain of mystery and fear that is big school. Some children will be starting a new school that is 10 times larger than their primary. Moving up to year 7 is a big step.

We have a simple guide to what happens and dates when they occur to help parents follow the process up to the big day.

Autumn Term:

Parents receive a letter directly from Pupil Admissions. This letter states the website that parents need to use and how to log on so that they can receive details on how to apply for their child’s next school. An advisory booklet is available on the site. If parents do not have access to the internet they are advised to contact their child’s current school.

Please make sure that we hold your up to date address and contact details so that letters are not misdirected as we supply your address to Pupil Admissions.

Pupil Admission telephone number is 0114 2735766.

The website is  and online admissions is the link.

Generally the date to apply by is 31st October.

Secondary Schools book visits to Primary Schools to address parents. High Storrs and Silverdale host an evening in the school hall to inform parents of their offer. This is normally in September. The dates will be confirmed and sent out to parents. They inform parents of their open evening dates where the parents are invited with children to sample lessons, look at work and the school is showcasing its facilities. A letter is sent to all Y6 parents inviting them to attend.


You are free to apply for whichever school you wish. Please read the advice on the website carefully and work out where you are on the list of priorities for entry to any school you wish to consider. Please make informed choices.

Spring Term:

Parents are informed of their offer in March. If they are unsuccessful in their first choice the letter contains details on how to appeal. The Head teacher of the child’s current school cannot support an appeal but they can offer advice and support. Teachers are permitted to write a supporting statement for the parent’s case.


Summer Term:

Secondary Schools contact parents directly with dates and invitations to meet teachers, order uniform if necessary and have induction days. Silverdale and high Storrs offer Summer Schools.


Silverdale information: Silverdale Transition Website

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