Read for My School January – March 2014

Read For My School

This is the second year that we are taking part in an annual competition sponsored by the Pearson Alliance and supported by the Department for Education.  It is called Read for My School and is open to Y3 – Y8.

It is a free online library of over 100 books and children can read wherever they have internet access.  The goal is to read as many books as possible between Monday 27th January to the end of March.

We are logging the children on to the system this week and their password will be their name plus 2 *, so:

Ben Smith will be Ben Smith as a user name and Ben** as a password.  We will have registered them and they are secure on the site.

Last year the school received 100 books for taking part in the first year.

Any encouragement that you can give your child will be greatly appreciated and make a difference to them.

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