About Our School

Ecclesall School Drawing

Drawing by Mrs Chester

Ecclesall Church of England School is a Voluntary Controlled Junior School. It is controlled by the Sheffield Local Authority, but close links exist with the church. Whilst it is a Church of England School with an Anglican bias in Religious Education, it is not confined to children of members of the Church of England.

We are situated in the residential area of Ecclesall on Ringinglow Road, close to Ecclesall All Saints Church. The original stone building, which  opened in 1834, still exists but has been modernised. Other buildings and classrooms have been added over the years to accommodate an increasing number of pupils. We have a purpose built hall for collective worship and physical education. Four classes are currently housed in modern mobile units. There is a small garden area at the front of the school and hard surface playing area around the school.

Although the school does not have playing fields we are able to make use of the field facilities at Ecclesall Infant School and High Storrs School.

The school has its own kitchen and meals are served in the adjoining dining room.

The school day begins at 8.45 am and ends at 3.25 pm. The children have a 15 minute break at 10.30 am or 10.45 am followed by lunch at 11.45 am (Y3/Y4) or 12.15 (pm). Lunch finishes at either 12.55 pm (Y3/Y4) or 1.15 pm (y5/Y6). The children have a 10 minute afternoon break at either 2.20 pm (Y3/Y4) or 2.45 pm (Y5/Y6) before the end of the day.


There are currently 360 children on roll from Year 3 to Year 6.

At present the children are grouped in twelve mixed ability classes. There are three classes in each year group. Each child has a class teacher who is primarily responsible for his/ her progress and welfare.